Episode 5

Published on:

26th Sep 2022

No one's at home cause they're friend zoned

In this episode we discuss men being "Friend Zoned".

The conversation ranges from discussions about the way men are friend zoned, reasons for being friend zoned, and how we can prevent being friend zoned in the future (Answers from both Nick Cannon and the man himself Pimp master Johnny Dollar).

We talk about men and misbehavior and how men and woman can improve the way we communicate and why it is important to all aspects of a relationship.

Clips in today's episode are

News Radio Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN9Jq3_Z-1M

Interview with Johnny Dollar Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cryNE4XBwT0

Woman flown out and taken back to airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j6ucJQd8TQ

Man flew woman out for $5K clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kizgUqDbUBA

Credit for Rodney Dangerfield Jokes go to Mr. Dangerfield and his estate

Reddit - r/twoXchromosones

Mr. F and D.W. talk about their experiences and have an open dialogue between two men in the hopes that we can foster a more cohesive and thought provoking conversation within our communities.

We aim to bridge understanding and empathy by open and honest dialogue. We are unmuted, unplugged and unapologetic so we can have open and unguarded discourse within our communities.

email us at blkmenuuu@blackrivergroupllc.com with your comments and questions and we will address them in our upcoming episodes.

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About the Podcast

Black Men: Unmuted, Unplugged, and Unapologetic
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Two black men talk about the world and the relationships we have with women, people, and the society in which we live.

We approach each topic with a great deal of respect and unapologetic in the direction the conversation takes. We are fair, honest, unmuted, and unplugged.

Over the years, men (especially black and brown men) have had our reputations dragged through the mud. While some of the disrespect is well deserved, there are times it's misdirected.

This misdirected anger and/or bitterness has resulted in both stereotypical and judgemental views women and society have towards men.

Join two men every week as we tackle issues and have honest discussions addressing the problems both men and women have endured within our communities. If you are looking for a show where men are unafraid and unapologetic, this show is for you.